Women's Defense Guidelines

A few basic rules:

1.) Cavalry are armed and designed to fight mounted

When defending, take their mightiest weapon away; take their mount. Cavalry tend to die well when reduced to common infantry.

2.) A woman cannot hope to match a man muscle to muscle
Match your brain against his brawn instead. Be stronger mentally than he is in body. Out-think him. Hand-to-hand combat is always a last resort.

3.) If a Man cannot see, he cannot engage in melee
Without his vision, he will die easily. Throw sand in his eyes and flee, then fire arrows or hurl your quivas while he cannot protect against them!

4.) If a Man cannot breathe, he cannot continue for long
Aim for his lungs with your arrows!

5.) If a Man cannot stand he cannot fight
Take out a man's legs, and even the mightiest of men will have to look up at you from the ground at your feet.

6.) It is unlikely a woman will land a single blow that will incapacitate a trained warrior
He is as the great Tur tree of the forest: he is tall, stout, and proud. But even the peasant can drop the Tur with many small strokes. Take your enemy apart piece by piece.

7.) Anything is a weapon if used as such, but…
The best weapons at your disposal are first... your brain; second…your guts; third... love. Love what you fight for and you will gain strength you never knew existed.

8.) You may be the eyes and ears of your men in battle
Call out what is necessary to assist. If it isn't necessary... keep your mouth shut so as not to distract your own men and get them killed. Do what you are taught to do.

9.) You are the support group for your men
They are responsible for the brunt of the attack. Aid them in whatever way is needed. That may mean re-arming, bringing fresh mounts, or dragging the wounded out of the way. Whatever it takes, do it... but always think first. Make sure your actions do not place you in a position that requires the warrior(s) covering your back to face a greater than normal risk to keep you safe.

10.) Obey
Follow the words of the ranking warrior as you would Odin himself or the Endless Sky if it spoke. There is none closer to God than a ranking warrior on the battlefield. That is his place. Battle is his home stone. That is what he does. That is why he exists. He will do whatever his duty demands of him. Be very certain your actions do not throw his life away needlessly.

11.) If a Warrior is dying, make him at ease. NEVER pity him
That dishonors the giving of his life for you.

12.) Never forget KISS...
"Keep It Simple Stupid."


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