Nose Ring Bead Codes

Free women of the wagons do not bear the colorful facial scars that serve as chevrons of honor among the four tribes of the Wagon Peoples. This by no means suggests that our women are any less brave or worthy or recognition for their achievements, simply that we would not think to mar their beauty with such terrifying badges of honor. Instead, our women will wear their awards upon their genderís own unique symbol of wagon life, the tiny golden nose ring, in the form of colored beads.


The first and foremost bead earned by a female Tuchuk. Her Courage must be shown and is plain for all to see.

This bead is bright red.


Within MTC, the Camp bead stands for the camps a Free Woman may have resided in. There ARE camps online that do not use beads, or if they do, they use different color codes. MTC has chosen purple to represent this camp and prior camps so they are represented but do not create any color conflicts with our existing beads. The definition of the Camp bead is its representation of one's survival as an active member of MTC based solely upon the Ubar's and Council's discretion. She who wears this bead has shown that she is in fact a member of MTC and has made a contribution to our home's success.

This bead is purple.


This is indeed a highly valued bead. It denotes trust. She who wears this bead has shown herself to be trustworthy and loyal above the norm. Her word is above reproach, and she would answer only to the Ubar, or to Council in the Ubar's absence.

This bead is yellow.


She who wears this bead sits upon the Council of MTC.

This bead is lime.


She who wears this bead is the Companion of the Ubar.

This bead is green.


She who wears this bead is a member of the Sa-Clan.

This bead is light blue representing the never-ending skies.

One will notice that there are no colored beads corresponding to the ASKARI, WEAPONS MASTER, or DRAGON BROTHERHOOD Scars awarded to deserving free men. While our women are defenders of our home during times of attack and are encouraged to learn well the use of the horn bow and quiva, there are no women warriors or guards. As such, there will be no blue, steel grey, or earth-tone reddish beads awarded to the women of Tuchuk.


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