The Tuchuk Free Woman

She is proud, but not haughty,
opinionated, but not arrogant,
regal yet humble,
loving, but not sexual,
tough and solid, but gentle in healing....

KNOW the difference, know the balance,
and how to maintain it,
as every given situation you are put it,
it will make it's own shift,
a million words can be told with one look, one glance,
one soft curl of a grin, one arched brow, one post of the

Willing to defend home at all costs,


Watch everything that goes on around you....
and watch before you judge....ANY situation,
see Our Brothers in Their games,
reply with wit to Their jokes....
without being a bitch, but also without sexual intent or
innuendo behind it,
leave Them wondering....vague answers sometimes
are the most fun ....
protect and care for Our Brothers, They defend Us and
protect Us with Their
very lives DAILY.....

The biggest key is to WATCH what is going on around you,
jump in on the role play itself,
you NEED to jump in on role play,
No One is going to make you....and react accordingly....
but....think of the cost of every word you speak,
and sooner or later,
it will simply become second nature....

Know Your Brothers and how far You can push Them,
some are more lenient, some are not...KNOW the difference.

A Free Woman is the hardest character to play on Gor,
We HAVE to use the brain Odin gave us ....
We have to be smart, We have to play this game right,
if Gor is in You,
you will just begin to be able to FEEL it,
and KNOW what is right.

A Tuchuk Free Woman is fierce, and proud....
just picture a cold and deadly lock of a stare,
if put in the right situation, THINK about how
it would FEEL to have
that look directed at YOU...feel it,
and when You give that look,
KNOW the fear YOU instill as well,
Be confident in the fact that YOU are TUCHUK...
fierce, proud, and deadly if warranted....

NEVER DRAW a weapon, never post anything
in defense unless absolutely FORCED to do so
and be PREPARED to take ANY AND ALL
reprecussions that come from such actions....
use Your imagination with weapons,
anything You can grab, but guard, guard, guard,
distract, do whatever it is You need to do
to protect this family,

...that is why We are so tight,
why We are the way We are…

We play hard, We fight hard, We love hard,
and We die hard...
only let Your Man
(if You have One) see how soft You can be....
and even then, only in the confines of
the wagon IF You Two are Free Companioned....

We all have Our separate personalities,
but We are ALL the heart, to the soul......
a mousey Tuchuk Free Woman would never survive,

We all need to contribute something to earn Our keep....
however small it is, You are an integral part of this
and need to help maintain it, Our job is huge,
We keep this family together,
whether healing or mental, tending Our Men or Our Brothers,
or the slaves,
Our job is to be strong,
and stronger in heart than most Men...

Patience, subtlety and love of Family
and unbreakable bonds is what will keep Us together,
keep Us strong, and keep Us Tuchuk...

Know Your truth, know Your Honor,
know Your patience, know Your subtlety,
Know Your POWER as a Free Woman of Tuchuk.


A Woman's Balance

Knowing when to lift an eyebrow in silence, and when to silence with an eyebrow...

knowing when to throw a quiva, and when to slice with One's tongue....

knowing when to love, and when to be loved.....

tenacity to live on the plains, courage to be strong when Our Men are at Their weakest....

offering a proud smile, a bota of paga and a warm wagon when Our Men are at Their strongest.....

looking to the endless skies, and knowing that Odin's hall is at the top of the steps waiting for Our Family......

the ability to encourage Our Men to think They rule the world and everything in it, and finding ways to get what We need done, and what We spite of what They think *winks*

the ability to see a different light, and offering a light to see it better, and more clear....

in a word..... balance.

a Tuchuk Woman has balance.


Poems written by and used with the permission of

In Retrospect, Tuchuk women are more the other women of the plains.

And women of Tuchuk know and live up to these words.

And an Ubara of Tuchuk has even more to live up to.

Practice what is Preached and you will not fail

at being Tuchuk and Tuchuk will not fail you.

Succumb to arrogance, to haughtiness and forget

being humble and Tuchuk will forget you.

Let it be known, the author failed to live by her own words,

and in that failed Tuchuk.

She is no longer Ubara, no longer Tuchuk.





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