Slave Chores in MTC

Maze Tuchuk slaves, both camp owned and privately owned, are expected to help with chores when not serving free persons.

All slaves will be required to perform three (3) camp chores per week, running Sunday through Saturday. This may mean that a slave does one camp chore per day over a period of three days; three chores in a single day; or two on one day and one on another. So long as three chores are performed in the week's designated period, any combination thereof is fine. The exception will be those times when camp is busy and there are free requiring service. Note: Privately owned slaves may be required to do more than three camp chores, at the discretion of their Owner, but they may not do less. They are, after all, also part of Tuchuk, and all of Tuchuk must rely on one another for survival as a People.

Sloppy, hastily thrown-together, one-post chores will not be acceptable. Posts are not required to be novels, nor is this even encouraged. Slaves should keep their posts detailed yet shorter and more flowing, hence keeping the camp activity moving without long periods of time required for the slave to type the posts and for others to read them.

In lieu of simply posting chores to the chore thread on our message board, each slave will post daily activities on the wall. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, camp chores; chores for a personal Owner; serving; a brief description of what the day's role-play entailed; and any positive development, knowledge, or experience gained. Basically, the chore board will become a daily journal or diary of the events that would be retained in a slave's mind if this were a real-time setting.

Our home is meant to be a place of excitement and joy for free persons and slaves alike. The three-chores-per-week rule is intended to allow slaves to delve more deeply into their own characters by giving them the opportunity to actually role-play instead of constantly working at chores. The above rules and guidelines will officially take effect on January 1st, 2007, though practising now in order to get a feel for the process and to offer feedback is highly encouraged.

And now, without further ado, on to the chore guidelines!

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